Outdoor gym trends of 2022

Outdoor gym equipment

After last couple of years, we are all eager to welcome an albeit slower return to normal. While gyms and sports halls are still somewhat struggling to get their feet back under them, outdoor sports facilities and training equipment have leapt to the forefront of exercise; with many new products and innovations taking the world’s […]

Five steps to a fun, inspiring and active outdoor area for all ages

Active outdoor area for kids

Are you designing an activity area? Here are the best five tips to consider, when starting the design work. 1. A natural way to design playgrounds and other outdoor activity areas should be to make them inclusive. Children and adults with different physique and abilities need to be considered in all design aspects, whether they […]

Fitness sport equipment covers it all

Mikko Salo, CrossFit World Champion 2009

Use your own bodyweight for building up strength and stamina – outdoors! Fitness enthusiasts and athletes have noticed that you can train quite intensively using your own bodyweight. Bodyweight training (also known as calisthenics) is a great fitness sport also in the sense that you can begin your exercise whenever there is proper sport equipment available. In Lappset Fitness areas, […]