Digi Play

It is clear that the world is heading towards a digital future where active outdoor play is declining especially in older kids age groups. Our interactive products combine technology with outdoor play, sports, games, and education. In 2006 Yalp successfully introduced the first interactive playground equipment in the world! The Yalp Sona Interactive dance and play arch. Shortly followed by the Yalp Sutu Interactive ball wall, the Yalp Toro Interactive sports arena, the Yalp Fono Interactive DJ-booth, and the Yalp Memo Interactive play pillars. All products are designed to be used in public spaces outdoors and there are hundreds of items installed all around the world, including Baltics, and all of them have proven to be used heavily and able to work properly in long term. Digital and interactive playgrounds are excellent addition to existing play areas in parks, school playgrounds, healthcare institutions, public spaces, shopping malls, indoor playgrounds, and holiday parks.

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