Get interactive with innovative indoor Luna play!


Nothing else involves people into play as colorful and fun game, where you need to show
some dance moves. This is what Luna is about!


Simple things and time together make life easy and enjoyable. Another great “Lappset” Luna game technology created to improve overall wellbeing and happiness. Everyone can enjoy themselves as it is simply suitable for all skill levels and abilities. This interactive game involves just a 3,8 meters square and an innovative smart sensor, which easily detects the player and responds to the player’s movements by creating a sound and music to it. Isn’t that great? You will be surprised how many challenges this game can create, but surely this will make loads of memorable moments where you always want to come back.

Everyone can have some fun as Luna game involves and engages different age audiences and could be played by multiple players. Children independently can navigate the game by themselves as it doesn’t require much assistance. What else is great, that it is an open space game, with no hazards and climbing objects, safety is the priority.

Benefits of dance

Everyone knows that dance is a great way to boost physical fitness by promoting cardiovascular health, muscular strength, flexibility and endurance. This also has many other great benefits like improving balance, coordination, motor skills and reaction.

But there are other important benefits of engaging into dance – It is essential for emotional wellbeing. Dancing reduces stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation. In general dance can release endorphins, our happiness hormones which is a great way to elevate mood. Who cannot like that?

Social connection

Participating in Luna game where larger groups are interacting it is a great way to promote social connection with others and boost your confidence. Collaboration promotes teamwork, which is a good skill to develop for personal and professional growth, when you try to achieve shared goals. Social connection is essential for human well-being and plays a significant role.

Environments which Luna will turn it into magic:

Commercial Centers and Malls
Sport complexes
Indoor play parks
Family Entertainment Centers
Family Restaurants
Community Centers

It’s suitable for everyone, no matter what, just step into the game and be ready to have some fun by creating a magical moments!

Don’t worry if you have a request to build this game in outside environment as we have available solution SONA for it.

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